Adsterra Review: The Easiest Way to Earn Money From Your Website Traffic

Adsterra Review


Do you want to earn more money from your website’s traffic? Are you looking for a better AdSense alternative? If yes, Adsterra is for you. It’s the best platform for both publishers and advertisers to reach a wider audience and make more profits.

If you are looking for an alternative to Adsense to increase your website’s ad revenue, you’ve come to the right place.

Or you are an advertiser looking for the cheapest way to get more exposure to your brand and products.

In this post, I’ll provide an in-depth Adsterra review, an excellent platform for both advertisers and publishers.

In this review, you’ll discover all the essential details, benefits of Adsterra, how to get started, pros, cons, and alternative options.

Adsterra Review: Is It The Best Adsense Alternative in 2024
What is Adsterra?

Established in 2013, Adsterra has rapidly gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and diverse monetization options. Adsterra allows businesses to showcase their products or services through various ad formats while publishers can monetize their websites and traffic effectively.

Adsterra has no minimum traffic requirements to start running the ads for publishers and offers one of the highest CPC rates in the industry.

Here are some stats related to Adsterra

  • 30 billion impressions per month
  • 248 Geos covered
  • 15+ direct publishers
  • 20K+ successful campaigns

If you’re looking for a better alternative to AdSense, Adsterra is a great choice. It is also an excellent platform for people who want to advertise their ads to reach a wider audience.

No malvertising is allowed at Adsterra. Malware, redirects, unsolicited downloads, and alerts are strictly prohibited.

Requirements to start making money from Adsterra

Here are a few things you need to get approved from the Adsterra publishing platform.

  • You must have content within your site. Under construction sites, sites with no content are not eligible.
  • Your site should NOT have too many ads i.e, sites with 15+ banners and 5+ pops on a single page are not approved.
  • Even if you have a non-English blog, you still run Adserra ads.
  • Adsterra has no restrictions in terms of traffic volume. They have recently changed their policies about traffic volume and now accept even small websites. Your traffic quality matters for approving your website at Adsterra Network.

Let’s discuss the Adsterra review so you can find what it can offer you as a publisher or advertiser.

4 Benefits of Using Adsterra Ad Network

  1. Instant income and High CPM rates
    You can monetize any type of traffic: not only Facebook pages but any type of social media. With Smart Direct link, you can monetize any type of traffic.

Adsterra Direct Link (also: Smart Direct Link) is a monetization ad unit for publishers and webmasters. It does not have any visual format, only a URL.

You request this unique URL from Adsterra and then put it anywhere: on your web page, mobile app, or on social traffic.

You just need to place the code on your website, Facebook page, or blog and make money whenever a visitor sees or clicks on the ad. It’s as simple as that.

You can not only earn instant income with the Adsterra network, but you will also get the industry’s highest CPM rates.

Cost per thousand (CPM) denotes the price of 1,000 ad impressions on a webpage. If a website publisher charges $1 CPM, an advertiser must pay $1 for every 1,000 impressions of its ad.

You can monetize every ad impression with 100% fill rates with Adsterra.

Example: If you get 10,000 visitors per day and a total of 20,000 page views, and you get CPM rates of $2, then your earnings can be – 20000/1000 = 20 CPM x $2 = $40 per day.

$40 a day i.e at an average $1200 a month from one single source like Adsterra is NOT a bad income at all. You just need to ensure that you have a high-traffic website or Facebook page to earn more monthly income.

2. Multiple ad formats
In Adsterra,

You get a wide range of ad formats in Adsterra, which include:

Video Ads (VAST) – you can show a short video as an ad that appears before the main content. AdSterra either uses your VAST/VPAID tags or hosts your videos using a WordPress video plugin player like Fluid Player.

Native Ads – Natives are branded content in an editorial format. For example, natives presented in the form of banners with articles from partner sites.

Social Bar – Social Bar ads help publishers achieve the highest CPMs, and advertisers reach 10X to 30X more CTRs (compared to the ordinary Web Push). You get full customization, which means the creatives can take any form, depending on your wishes and objectives.

Social Bar uses dynamic iFrames that don’t block web content. Simple iFrames blankly pop up while other page content remains non-clickable. Dynamic iFrame inside Adsterra creatives allows website users to click on ads, expand and collapse them while navigating the website and absorbing the content.

Here’s how to use Adsterra to set up ads in 3 simple steps.

  1. Place Adsterra pixel on your site or blog
  2. Provide your high-converting landing pages and
  3. Start making profits

Adsterra also offers the most popular banner sizes: 160600, 300250, 72890, 46860, 800440, 32050.

3. Automated Self-Service Platform (SSP)
Automated SSP empowers advertisers and publishers by providing a seamless and user-friendly interface that allows them to easily manage their campaigns. This automated system eliminates unnecessary complexities, streamlining the entire process from campaign creation to monitoring performance.

You can initiate, modify, and track your ad campaigns in real time. You get an intuitive dashboard that simplifies navigation, offering a comprehensive overview of key metrics and performance indicators.

Advertisers can effortlessly set up their targeting preferences, budget allocations, and ad creatives, ensuring an effective advertising strategy.

4. High quality advertisers
Adsterra uses retargeting to attract high-quality advertisers to show ads on your blogs, sites, or Facebook pages.

Here’s how retargeting works (designed by the team at Adsterra).

The retargeting feature allows you to earn more money from Adsterra ads, and you will attract highly relevant and quality advertisers to show ads on your sites.

5. Smart AI-Powered Optimization Tool
Adsterra’s AI Optimization tool continuously analyzes vast data sets to identify patterns, trends, and user behaviors. The result is a dynamic and adaptive optimization process that analyzes your website traffic and selects the highest CPM ads suited to your audience.

6. Absolute bliss for advertisers

Adsterra is NOT only limited to publishers but also to advertisers.

As an advertiser, you will get instant access to 15K+ direct publishers with the Adsterra advertising platform. Simply plan, launch, manage, and analyze your advertising campaigns to increase your online exposure.

You can use this link to request a free consultation with Adsterra professionals to discuss your advertising campaigns on a limited budget.

Once you have requested a free consultation with the Adsterra support team, you can make a deposit (The minimum deposit for advertisers is $100) right from your account.

Payment methods for advertisers now include Visa/Mastercard, Paxum, Capitalist, PayPal, Webmoney, and Wire Transfer.

As an advertiser, to get your ads published, you need to start bidding.

Adsterra offers various pricing models: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, CPL, RTB, and RevShare.

CPM is considered the most effective ad pricing model. All Advertisers submit their bids to place ads on the Adsterra publishing platform. The impression goes to the highest bidder, and their ad is served on the publisher’s page (i.e., blog, website, or Facebook page).

Adsterra usually offers “exclusive retargeting” with popunder ads for both mobile and desktop users. This method will reach your target audience non-aggressively but very effectively.

You can also use display banners to showcase your ads using the Adsterra ad platform.

Here’s a detailed video that shows you how to run and optimize various campaigns with Adsterra.

How to Get Started with Adsterra

Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, registering with Adsterra is the first step. Let me guide you through the process for both roles.

Register as a Publisher with Adsterra
Step 1 – Sign Up as a Publisher

Click on register as a publisher on the Adsterra platform.

Step 2 – Submit the details

Fill in all the required details to complete the process as a publisher.

After signing up, Adsterra will send you a confirmation email. Once you confirm your email, you can log in into your account.

Step 3 – Add Your Website

Click on the “Add Website” button to add your first website.

A pop-up will appear. Add your website, select the website category, and choose the ad formats to use on your website.

Your website will be sent for approval as you click on the add button.

Step 4 – Getting your website verified

You can check your website status on the website page. The status will change from pending to approved as the verification is completed.

Step 5 – Implement Ad Code

You will receive an email with the code script. You can also get the code script from your publisher’s account.

On the left, you will find the instructions on where to place the code.

That’s it.

You can follow the same process to add multiple websites.

Register as a Advertiser with Adsterra
Adsterra offers SSP (Self Service Platform) to promote your business, app, or product to reach a wider audience online at a limited budget.

Here’s how it basically works.

Here are the benefits of SSP:

  • You can speed up your ad campaign creation
  • You will have 100% control of your ad campaign settings
  • You can easily monitor your ad performance at every placement
  • You can follow these steps to register as an advertiser with Adsterra

Step 1 – Sign Up as an Advertiser

Click on register as an advertiser on the Adsterra platform.

Step 2 – Submit the details

Fill in all the required details to complete the process as an advertiser.

After signing up, Adsterra will send you a confirmation email. Once you confirm your email, you can log in to your account.

Step 4 – Login into your account

As you log in, you will find an onboarding video. You can use the video to start running your ads.

Step 5- Select a payment method and add funds to your balance.

Step 6 – Create your campaign. You can also get assistance from a manager.

Step 7 – Configure your conversion tracker for optimal performance.

You watch the following Adsterra onboarding video for advertisers.

Adsterra Customer Review, Rating & Testimonials

I am going to share the ClickMagick reviews and testimonials from customers.

Adsterra customer rating on Trustpilot;

Adsterra got a 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot. More than 500 users have submitted their ratings; of those, 81% have given Adsterra a total 5-star rating.

Here are some customer reviews on the Trustpilot

Rahat shared his review, saying, ” very clear, very well structured”.

Herry found Adsterra a better alternative to Adsense and said, “Best Adsense Alternative.”

In reviewing negative feedback, I came across Abhijit’s comment expressing disappointment, stating, “Adsterra is a complete scam.”

I encountered a similar thread on Reddit where a user reported their website being hacked after using Adsterra.

Overall, I found positive reviews of Adsterra. Most people state that Adsterra is a better alternative to Google Adsense, providing better revenue.

A few customers also reported issues like account suspension, poor support, and Malware issues with Adsterra.

Adsterra Payment Policy

You can choose a payment method from various options such as Wire Transfer, PayPal, and more.

Here are the details of payment options with a minimum threshold limit.

  • Webmoney: $5
  • Paxum: $5
  • Paypal: $5
  • Bitcoin: $100
  • PayPal: $100
  • Tether: $100
  • Bank Wire Transfer: $1,000

As you can see, the minimum threshold limit for webmoney and paxum is only $5.

Adsterra Pricing
Adsterra doesn’t charge anything to its publishers; instead, all costs are passed on to advertisers. You can give Adsterra a try due to this reason.

Customer Support
Adsterra offers reliable customer support.

In my research, I found a handful of customer reviews expressing dissatisfaction with the support, the majority being content with the assistance provided by the support team.

You can get support for general assistance with your Adsterra account and running your campaigns.

Adsterra support mode includes:

  1. Personal Account Manager: you get the contact details of a dedicated Personal Account Manager who provides individualized support and guidance.
  2. Live Chat: You get a 24×7 live chat feature that allows you to have real-time conversations with support representatives, ensuring quick assistance.
  3. Skype: You can connect with the support team through Skype to run your ads or campaigns, which offers an additional avenue for direct communication and problem-solving.
  4. Tickets: you can submit support tickets for specific queries or issues and receive structured responses from the support team.
  5. Email: you can reach the support team via email, providing a more formal but effective means of communication for detailed concerns.
  6. Extensive Help Files and Guides: Adsterra provides you with resources like help files and guides, offering self-help options and comprehensive information to navigate the platform independently.

Pros and Cons of Adsterra
I can’t wrap up a review without talking about its pros and cons and this Adsterra review post is no exception. Here are some of the pros and cons of Adsterra.


  • It is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives.
  • It offers both desktop and mobile ads (so you can increase your chance of earning more money from your website’s traffic).
  • It provides a wide rangeof ad display options: Popunder Social Bar (new!), In-Page Push Ads, Banner Ads, Native Ads, Video pre-roll (VAST) and Direct Link.
  • You can also monetize your popular Facebook and other social media pages (with high traffic) unlike AdSense.
  • Adsterra offers a wide range of payment options. For publishers: PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Tether. For advertisers: WebMoney, Paxum, PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Capitalist, Banking Cards (constantly expanding)
  • Minimum payouts are really low: it’s only $5 for Webmoney and Paxum
  • Adsterra has no restrictions in terms of traffic volume. What really matters for approving your website at Adsterra Network is your traffic quality
  • If you’re an advertiser, Adsterra can give you the most effective ad formats to reach out to wider audience with a limited budget and their retargeting feature helps you connect with more customers within your industry.


  • Some payment methods need documentary confirmation
  • No demographic targeting yet

Top 3 Adsterra Alternatives
Here are 3 alternatives to Adsterra that you can give a try.
If you’re looking for a decent ad program that doesn’t offer cheap-looking and scammy ads, Media.Net is an excellent option.

The ads offers are elegantly designed and contribute to an increased click-through rate (CTR). The keyword block features of add beautifully designed keyword slabs that match your blog design.

Using this publishing platform, you can automatically optimize each impression on your website with a single ad tag. minimum requirements

  • 10k page views per month
  • Content must be in English
  • Quality and original content
  • No adult content

Mediavine is a full-service ad management platform that helps you show highly relevant ads on your website to boost your ad earnings.

Mediavine earnings depend on your total ad impressions, not traffic. Their ad technology is lightweight, so you won’t need to face slow-loading page issues.

Mediavine Minimum Requirements

  • 50k sessions in the previous 30 days
  • Long-form content
  • original content in any niche
  • Good standing with Adsense

Infolinks is a widely used ad publishing network by over 100,000 publishers worldwide.

Infolinks is a well-known in-line text advertising network that displays contextually relevant ads to your site’s content. Infolinks automatically transforms specific keywords from your content into clickable advertising links, and you earn money for each click on these ads.

One of the most significant advantages of Infolinks is that it doesn’t have a minimum monthly traffic requirement to begin monetizing your website. So, whether your website receives a modest or substantial amount of traffic, you can still start earning revenue through Infolinks.

Infolinks Minimum Requirements

Sites related to adults, gambling, race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, and sexual orientation are not allowed.
There are no minimum requirements for page views or visitors.

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